1.  When will my child practice?  

Practice times are set by the coach.  Our coaches are volunteering their time so they will choose a practice time that fits into their work and family schedule.  Teams will practice 1-2 times a week. Practice times will be set our coaches meeting first of March.   

2.  When are games played?

Games are played on week nights and weekends.  

Rain out games will be played at next open field time. Make up games always take precedence over scheduled practices. 

3.  Where are games played?  

CHGS Home Games are played at Whitfield park on Edmondson Pike.  Away games are played at parks in Bellevue, Green Hills, Nolensville, Grassland and other parts of South Nashville. 

4.  Can I request a coach for my child?  

We will do our best to place your child, but cannot guarantee any requests.  Teams are filled based on previous players and keeping numbers in the league even, so all requests are noted.  

5.  Can the league fill up?  

Our league is volunteer run. As long as volunteers continue to step forward as coaches, concessions workers and help upkeep the park, this should not be an issue.

6.  Can I bring a team or group of girls?  

Yes, you can bring an entire team to play out of Crieve Hall.